Thursday, 30 July 2015

Which cement/concrete testing equipment is used for compressive strength test?

Accelerated curing tank is one of the cement/concrete testing equipments used for compressive strength test. The accelerated method is used to achieve high compressive strength in concrete. Experts also use this method to find out 28 days concrete compressive strength in 28 hours.

Prefabrication industry mostly use accelerated curing where in early age strength enables the formwork removal within 24 hours. This saves cost by reducing the cycle time. The widely used and adopted curing techniques are warm water curing, steam curing at atmospheric pressure, boiling water curing and autoclaving.

Steps included in compressive strength test with accelerated curing method
  • After testing the specimens, it is important to store it in moist air having 90% humidity for 23 hours ± 15 min.
  • Cover the specimens using flat steel plate to prevent distortion during the use.
  • Cautiously and softly lower the specimens into the curing tank and let it be immersed for 3 ½ hours ± 15 min.
  • Once the curing is done, specimen should be removed from boiling water and cooled in cooling tank at 27 ± 2°C for 2 hours.
  • Once the specimens cooled, it should be removed from the mold and tested for accelerated compressive strength in N/mm2.

The concrete strength test generally takes 28 days but the testing equipment has made the testing short and simple.

Manufacturers are offering various equipments to test concrete and cement. The list includes-
  • Ball mill
  • Cement autoclave
  • Humidifier
  • Blain air permeability apparatus
  • Flow table
  • Curing compound mould
  • Gauging trowel
  • Heat of hydration of cement
  • Humidity oven
  • Mortar mixer
  • Length comparator
  • Pulverizer laboratory type
  • Reflectance meter
  • Standard spatula
  • Vibrating machine
  • Briquette testing machine and more

You can visit your nearest manufacturing outlet and discover the comprehensive range of concrete testing equipments. To know more about these products, search online articles and stories. You can share your reviews for this post in below comment section. Thanks for your time.

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